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American Nation Builders is an Online High School for 9th - 12th Graders that believes in the value of building students by offering smaller classes, quality instructors, field-trips & activities, online instruction, and a college preparatory curriculum. ANB also offers a live Christian Elementary & Preschool Academy that uses a STEM Curriculum in Lake City, Florida.

Aug. 20
Sum 24

Online New Student Orientation: Our ANB Virtual New Student/Parent Orientation will take place on Tues., Aug. 13th 2024 at 6:30pm.

Our first day of school is Tuesday, Aug, 20th 2024,

If you are interested in learning more, please email us at the following address below: 


Also, please continue to check your email for updates from ANB for school announcements.  

ANB Live STEM Summer Camp for Kids (ages 4 - 12) hosted at our Lake City, Florida Campus:

Click link below to enroll now!


Option#1:  6/11/24-   8/02/2024

Option#2:  7/01/23 - 08/02/2024

We will also host our ANB Virtual Back-To-School Events on Sat., August 2024.    

Aug. 20

ANB's First Day of School for the 2024 - 2025 School Year is Tues., August 20th 2024.  Contact us at 407-494-5721 or click on the following link: Enroll Now to get started for the upcoming school year. 


American Nation Builders College Preparatory Academy

P.O. Box 1965,

Orlando, FL 32802-1965 

​Tel: 407-494-5721​

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Graduation Letter from Florida Dignitary

ANB celebrates the State of Florida High School Graduates. We are proud of you and your accomplishments.  Please click here to read a graduation letter from our former Governor, Rick Scott below:   

Graduation Letter from Former Gov. Scott

ANB Private Virtual School Program

Online private schools are just like traditional schools.  The biggest difference is fourfold:


1. There is more interaction between teacher and student; 

2. Students learn from a safe environment;

3. Students have the flexibility to plan out their study time; and

4. Student testing focuses on the SAT/ACT.

Click here to register: ANB Online School

ANB School Transcripts May Only Be Ordered Through The School Website:

For your convenience and ease of access, ANB Student Transcripts may now be ordered online through our school website.  


Simply complete the follwing three (3) Steps:

1. Click here: "Order an ANB Transcript Now"  or the Transcript Button on our HOME Page;

2. Fill out the online formand

3. Pay a small nominal $25 Transcript Fee. 

Your transcript will be sent to you.

The goal is for students and parents to be able to have access to their student transcript without calls, emails, or a long wait.      

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