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Welcome to American Nation Builders


Currently, we are seeking a passionate professionals in the following positions:

Jobs Posted on 5.28.2024

-Elementary School Teacher in Lake City, Florida

-Summer Camp Counselor in Lake City, Florida

Administrative Assistant in Lake City, Florida 

-Art Instructor in Lake City, Florida

When you join our team at American Nation Builders Christian Academy in Lake City, Florida, you will play a vital role in shaping young minds and creating a positive learning environment for students.


- Develop and implement engaging lesson plans that adhere to the school's curriculum;

- Create a supportive and inclusive classroom environment conducive to learning;

- Provide individualized instruction to meet the diverse needs of students;

- Monitor student progress and adjust teaching strategies accordingly;

- Collaborate with colleagues, parents, and administrators to support student development;

- Utilize effective behavior management techniques to promote a positive classroom environment; and 

- Participate in professional development opportunities to enhance teaching skills.


- Private school teachers are not always required to meet the same education standards as teachers in Florida's public schools. As such, individuals may be considered for the position that hold a Bachelor's degree or higher or be a person that holds expert status in their subject.

- State background & criminal check required;

- Proven experience working with elementary school students;

- Knowledge of childhood development principles and educational best practices;

- Strong mentoring and communication skills;

- Familiarity with curriculum development and literacy education;

- Experience in education administration or private school settings is a plus;

- Ability to write and implement individualized education plans for students with special needs

Join our team of dedicated educators and make a difference in the lives of young learners.


Apply now to be part of our dynamic school community below:

American Nation Builders New Employee Application


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TUESDAY, AUG 20th 2024



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