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Welcome to the website of American Nation Builders College Preparatory Academy. I founded ANB due to what I noticed to be an alarming underrepresentation and appreciation of urban students in Higher Education. 


I believe that by improving college acceptance and matriculation of urban students in higher education, we will, at the same time improve our communities and our nation. American Nation Builders will strive relentlessly to not only bridge the gaps of achievement, but will also prepare young men to be leaders and future change agents in the earth. 


Thank you for taking time to visit our site. My request, is that you will partner with us to build our students and the nation.






​Founder, Head of School

Our Mission

The mission of American Nation Builders College Preparatory Academy is to nurture an academic community that truly invest in all of its students and the quality of their education that will offer the best education that will give our students a pathway to succeed in school, college, career, life and beyond that will build better communities, state, and the nation as a whole.

Our History

Founded in 2013, American Nation builders College Prepatory Academy was created to challenge the negative imagery and stereyotypes propagated through media and society concerning teenage boys and other urban male youth by creating an academic community that will invest in its students. Also at the core of ANB, is the desire to provide students with a pathway to succeed in school, college, and beyond. As our motto states, it is our belief that by building students, we will, at the same time be building communities, states, the nation, and everyone therein.

Our History
ANB Accomplishments from 2015 - 2016 School Year

Great Day Parents, Friends, and Nation Builders:


As we wrap-up the American Nation Builders College Preparatory Academy 2015 - 2016 School Year, I am excited to look back and share some of the following accomplishments our school, staff members, and students have achieved:


What Have We Done with our Students?

- Our students have completed almost 180 days (from Monday – Friday) of educational instruction;

- Our teachers have logged over one thousand twenty-three hours of classroom educational time (This is one hundred twenty-three hours over the required time per the State of Florida);


- Our students have participated in over twenty-five Action Fridays (in which students received interactive instruction);

- Our school has sponsored and taken our ANB students on over fourteen major school field trips during the 2015 - 2016 school year (to such memorable locations like CH2M Hill Engineering Firmfor ANB's Engineering Week; a five (5) day Sports and Math week, in which students were taken on a field trip every day of the week to participate simultaneously in a sports event around Central Florida and learn about Math; the three movies with profound messages that we took the guys to see at a local movie theater:  "Creed," "Fantastic Four," and "Everest" and our community service projects with the Muscular Dystopia Society and The Homeless Coalition to name a few were all great field-trips);

- Our school has introduced our students to over thirteen motivational speakers that came out to share with the guys (such as Mr. Jermaine Jones, CEO of Safe Tax, Mr. Beyonel Joseph, a 21 year old Engineer, and our graduation speaker, Dr. Anthony Robinson, Author of the King Inside the Kid to name a few);

- Our school vehicle has been in zero (0) accidents and has logged over 10,800 miles of drive time used to pick-up students and take them home at the end of the school day.

What Partnerships Have We Made?

- Our school has partnered with the YMCA to provide Gym Wednesdays to the students and a full academic credit or partial academic credit to students based on their attendance of Gym Wednesdays;

- Our school has partnered with CH2M Hill to provide an Engineering Day each year, in which students can meet, talk, shadow, and learn from real engineers;

- Our school has partnered with the Revolutionary Leadership Retreat Conference to allow our students to attend this amazing conference to learn about College Acceptance and Matriculation,Setting Financial Goals , Positive Self-Esteem, Entrepreneurship, and more;

- Our school has partnered with the Microsoft Corporation to provide an academic Summer School component to American Nation Builders that will be rolled out later this Summer.

What Are Seventeen (17) Specific Accomplishments of Our Students from the 2015 - 2016 School Year?

- ANB congrats two of our students that set for a college placement exam on Tuesday, May 31st 2016.

- Half of our students have been able to maintain a 3.0 GPA.

- 80% of our students have been actively participating in the 4th Quarter SAT Practice Program: “OSJSGA.”

- CH2M Hill recognized one of our students at graduation.

- YMCA staff members often speak very highly of our students and how much of a joy our students are to work with.

- ANB Students were recognized at the 2016 American Nation Builders Tie Ceremony.

- One of our students has perfect attendance.

- 100% of our students came to school and participated in Sports & Math Week @ American Nation Builders College Prep. Academy.

- "Creed" Movie received a 100% approval from all our students.

- 100% of our students have showed up each quarter to take their quarterly exams this entire school year.

- During 3rd and 4th Quarter, students completed more essay writing and short-answer response assignments, which are more rigorous than multiple-choice assignments from 1st and 2nd Quarter.

- During 3rd and 4th Quarter, students completed more assignments using critical reading and analysis skills as evidenced in their quarterly exams, the SAT Prep Program/OSJSGA, and teacher based assignments and test.  This is a shift away from discussion based assignments in 1st and 2nd Quarter.

- Our data shows that students have showed academic learning gains in both Math and Reading based on our test results from the Practice SAT Test 1 data to the Practice SAT Test 3 in 4th Quarter.

- Student Practice SAT scores are highest now in 4th Quarter than from previous quarters of this school year.

- Our data also shows that reading skills have increased in our students based on student critical analysis and reading skill levels documented from 1st Quarter to 4th Quarter.

- ANB celebrated the graduation of two (2) student scholars on Friday, June 3rd 2016;

- 90% of our students showed up for community service at both the Homeless Coalition and Muscular Dystopia Society earlier this school year.


Moving forward, I am very proud of our school, students, staff members, and the overall work that has been put in for American Nation Builders College Preparatory Academy for this school year.

Lastly, the American Nation Builders Senior Graduation Ceremony was a huge success!!!!  We had a full church of people, dynamic speakers, and an amazing program. 


ANB Accomplishments from 2014 - 2015 School Year

Dear Friends and Supporters of American Nation Builders College Prep. Academy 


I wish you warm greetings from American Nation Builders College Preparatory Academy where our motto is “When you build a student, you build a nation.”  We are excited about the upcoming 2015 - 2016 school year and wanted to share some of our many accomplishments from the previous 2014 – 2015 school year:

  1. We had over 175 days of educational instruction.

  2. We had zero physically fights.

  3. We had 100% of our parents involved in their son’s education.

  4. Action Fridays were a success!

  5. Students were recognized and awarded a signature American Nation Builder’s Tie at our End-Of-Year Tie Ceremony celebration.

  6. Students were introduced to impactful speakers, teachers, and role-models.

  7. We took our students on over twelve (12) amazing field trips throughout the school year to do things like:

  • Watch the Selma Movie;

  • Visit the Zora Neale Hurston Festival;

  • Learn team-building skills through Kayaking;

  • Participate in Challenge Day;

  • Learn how to bounce back from adversity at Rebounders;

  • Participate in Basketball Meet-Ups at the Boys and Girls Club;

  • Learn about Boxing as a work-out at Dynamite Gym; Learn about leadership and graduating from college debt free at the Revolution Leadership Retreat Conference;

  • Meeting and spending a full school day with real-life engineers at CH2M Hill Engineering Firm; and

  • How to network and get accepted into their college of choice at a College Fair.


For the 2015 – 2016 School Year, we are excited to add on to what has already been accomplished by celebrating our first graduating class at American Nation Builders College Preparatory Academy where our goal is to get 100% of our Seniors accepted into college.

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