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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World


Welcome to our American Nation Builders College Preparatory Academy Academics Department. We are excited that you are interested in learning more about our program. Moreover, at American Nation Builders, we believe in having a rigorous academic program with an adventurous styled-curriculum designed to teach students to think analytically and critically about what they learn in the classroom and then apply what was learned in the classroom to settings outside of it.


Based on our research, we believe this combination will best leave an indelible educational experience and impact on the students that attend American Nation Builders. Additionally, it is our vision to become the model school in the United States and throughout the world in providing a rich academic experience and learning environment that promotes positive self-esteem (both inside and outside of the classroom) that equips students with a high-quality college preparatory education that ensures success in high-school graduates succeeding in college, becoming successful in life, and beyond.


Lastly, it is our goal to help, push, and support 100% of our students to be accepted and to matriculate into college upon graduation from high-school. All of our students that attend American Nation Builders from ninth grade to twelfth grade are encouraged to take the following classes:


-4 units of English Literature, at least three with substantial writing and research requirements;

- 4 units of Mathematics at the Algebra I level and higher;

- 3 units of Science, at least two with laboratory instruction;

- 3 units of Social Science;

- 2 sequential units of the same foreign language;

- 8 elective units, preferably from Debate, Research & Writing, Health & Fitness, and Technology-based classes.

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